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There are different categories of visas and pathways to permanent residence in the United States for talented individuals and groups of international recognition. Our more than two decades of experience in entertainment immigration can assist you in all of these matters and help determine which category best fits your talents and objectives. 

O and P Visa Classifications

Foreign guest artists coming to the US for temporary work normally must obtain one of the following:

  • O-1B classification for aliens of extraordinary ability in the arts;

  • O-2 classification for personnel accompanying an O-1B alien;

  • P-1B classification for internationally renowned performing groups and essential support personnel; and, for individual foreign artists performing as a member of a U.S.-based internationally renowned performing group;

  • P-2 classification for reciprocal exchange program;

  • P-3 classification for culturally unique performers or groups, teachers and coaches, and 

  • P-4 Essential Support Personnel/Staff/Stage Technicians


EB-1A Green Card/Immigrant Petition for Permanent Residence in the US - as Extraordinary Artist

An artist of high achievement might be able to “self-petition” for US Permanent Residence based on talent and achievement as a “Priority Worker” under the “extraordinary ability” immigrant visa category (“EB-1”) or may also be 'sponsored' by an employer, agent, manager, production company or other US entity. While the requirements for this process are much higher than for the O-1B Visa, for those artists of documented extraordinary achievement with current or prospective work offers in their area (film, television, music, visual arts, graphic arts, photography, dance, etc) who wish to pursue multiple professional work engagements in the US over the next few years without being tied to one employer, this may be an appropriate pathway to facilitating long-term residence and career growth. 

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